After a season lived with enthusiasm and determination, providing a notable contribution in training and making the best of his entry into the top flight, the opposite Matheus Motzo says goodbye to Cucine Lube Civitanova. Strengthened by a year full of emotions in which he showed the general public his elevation and ability to serve, also scoring important points, the athlete thanks the Club and greets the Marche public. Among the indelible memories of the transition to the red and white, Matheus will carry with him the team’s excellent European journey and the final redemption in the championship.

Matheus Motzo: “For me, a short but intense and formative period ends. There is regret for a Super Cup that faded a few meters from the finish line and for not having brought home titles, but in the Champions League we asserted ourselves by landing among the four best teams in Europe. I am happy to have shared this year with great players and great men, competing in the Super League and beyond national borders. I come away enriched from a technical and character point of view. What matters to me now is having more pitch, I will focus on the need to play continuously. I want to thank Lube and the red and white fans. The supporters have always been there, even when we were going through a period of uncertainty. The empathy and helpfulness of the people of Civitanova made me feel at home!”.

A.S. Volley Lube thanks Motzo for the dedication and meticulousness with which he lived the experience in red and white, good luck to Matheus for the next stages with the hope of always experiencing them as a protagonist.