Play Off 5° Place Fourth Round Credem Banca:
Pallavolo Padova-Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza 0-3 (20-25, 21-25, 19-25)

Cucine Lube Civitanova-Cisterna Volley 3-0 (25-18, 25-19, 25-11

Rana Verona-Valsa Group Modena 3-0 (25-15, 25-18, 25-22)

Pallavolo Padova – Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza 0-3 (20-25, 21-25, 19-25) – Pallavolo Padova: Zoppellari 0, Desmet 3, Truocchio 5, Stefani 5, Porro 8, Crosato 7, Zillio (L), Gardini 8, Falaschi 0, Guzzo 4, Zenger (L). N.E. Plak, Taniguchi, Fusaro. All. Cuttini. Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza: Brizard 3, Santos De Souza 14, Ricci 5, Romanò 12, Recine 10, Simon 7, Hoffer (L), Scanferla (L), Andringa 0, Dias 1. N.E. Gironi, Alonso, Leal, Caneschi. All. Anastasi. ARBITRI: Giardini, Selmi. NOTE – durata set: 23′, 26′, 27′; tot: 76′.

Padova Volleyball tries, but in the end Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza prevails in three sets in the match valid for the 4th round of the 5th Place Play Off Group at the Kioene Arena. The home team, led by coach Cuttini, fights, but the guests are more concrete. The Paduans appear on the pitch with Desmet, Truocchio, Stefani, Porro, Crosato, Zoppellari, Zenger (L). Gardini is the best scorer with 8 points (50% attack) for Padova, while for Piacenza Souza is with 14 points (75% attack). In the first set, after a balanced start, the Emilians found the decisive lead at 16-21, with an ace from Dias, then closing 20-25. In the second set Piacenza increases the pressure along the way (at 13-17, ace by Simon), despite Paduan’s attempts to reverse the trend. At 19-22, Crosato’s monster block, followed by his winning block (20-22), and coach Anastasi resorts to a time out. In the final the Piacenza team finished 21-25. The third set follows the same lines as the previous ones (at 13-16 and 14-17, two winning pipes by Gardini). At 14-19 the Paduan coach tries to break the rhythm by using a time out. The game continues with the guests managing to maintain the advantage they acquired (17-21, Porro’s pipe). At 18-23, winning diagonal from Gardini, but the visiting team shows no signs of slowing down and ends the set 19-25.

MVP: Francesco Recine (Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza)


Cucine Lube Civitanova – Cisterna Volley 3-0 (25-18, 25-19, 25-11) – Cucine Lube Civitanova: Nikolov 13, Diamantini 3, De Cecco 5, Yant Herrera 15, Anzani 8, Lagumdzija 15, Larizza (L), Thelle 0, Motzo 0, Balaso (L), Bottolo 0. N.E. Chinenyeze, Bisotto, Zaytsev. All. Giannini. Cisterna Volley: Ramon 2, Rossi 2, Faure 11, Bayram 7, Mazzone 5, Baranowicz 1, Finauri (L), Giani 0, Nedeljkovic 2, Peric 4. N.E. Piccinelli. All. Falasca. ARBITRI: Simbari, Clemente. NOTE – durata set: 23′, 28′, 21′; tot: 72′.

In the fourth round of the 5th Place Play Off Group, Cucine Lube Civitanova beat Cisterna Volley in three sets (25-18, 25-19, 25-11), thus achieving Romano Giannini’s first victory as head coach of the Cucineri in the Super League Credem Bank. The points obtained against the Pontine Club at the Eurosuole Forum put the Marche team back into play in the race for the Semi-finals of the tournament which awards a pass to the 2025 Challenge Cup. De Cecco and his teammates rise to 6 in the ranking , placing themselves momentarily in third position at + 2 on Cisterna (fourth) with one day left until the end of the first phase. On Wednesday 17 April (8.30 pm) the Marche players will be on stage at the PalaBancaSport in Piacenza against Gas Sales, the Pontini team in Verona’s den.

At times the hosts bordered on perfection, closing the match with 10 aces, 12 winning blocks and positive percentages in attack, with Lagumdzija and Yant top scorers thanks to 15 points each and the Cuban awarded MVP. Nikolov churns out the most aces (4 out of 13 points scored). Among the Pontini players, the only one in double figures is the opposite player Faure (11), at his level only in the second set.

MVP: Marlon Yant (Cucine Lube Civitanova)
Spettatori: 1.337


Rana Verona – Valsa Group Modena 3-0 (25-15, 25-18, 25-22) – Rana Verona: Spirito 3, Dzavoronok 7, Grozdanov 3, Esmaeilnezhad 16, Keita 19, Cortesia 3, Zingel 0, D’Amico (L), Bonisoli (L), Sani 0, Mozic 0. N.E. Jovovic, Mosca, Zanotti. All. Stoytchev. Valsa Group Modena: Boninfante 1, Davyskiba 12, Stankovic 1, Sapozhkov 13, Rinaldi 4, Sanguinetti 3, Gollini (L), Juantorena 0, Brehme 6, Federici (L). N.E. Mossa De Rezende, Pinali G., Pinali R., Sighinolfi. All. Giuliani. ARBITRI: Cavalieri, Santoro. NOTE – durata set: 23′, 27′, 31′; tot: 81′. Spettatori: 2.540. MVP: Keita.

Standings Girone Play Off 5° Posto Credem Banca
Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza 11, Rana Verona 10, Cucine Lube Civitanova 6, Cisterna Volley 4, Pallavolo Padova 3, Valsa Group Modena 2.

Play Off 5° Place Fifth Round Credem Banca – Girone

Mercoledì 17 aprile 2024, ore 20.30
Valsa Group Modena – Pallavolo Padova

Mercoledì 17 aprile 2024, ore 20.30
Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza – Cucine Lube Civitanova

Mercoledì 17 aprile 2024, ore 20.30
Rana Verona – Cisterna Volley