Having archived the fourth consecutive victory in the Regular Season, the 3-1 privateer on the court of Taranto, Cucine Lube Civitanova left for the Dolomites for the challenge of the 8th round of return in the den of Itas Trentino, match in program on Wednesday 14 February (8.30pm with live broadcast on Rai Sport, Volleyball TV and Radio Arancia) at the “ilT daily Arena”.

This is face to face number 97 with the gialloblù and the remake of the 2022/23 Scudetto Final. There are many memorable meetings in the past between the two teams. The overall balance speaks of 53 victories for the Marches and 43 for the Dolomites.

The two teams often crossed paths for prestigious goals. Not just the Italian series of last season won by Itas in Game 5. The comparison of the 2018 Club World Cup won by Trento and the previous showdowns won by Lube in the Scudetto Play Offs in the Super League and in the Coppa Italia in 2016/17 always come back to mind. Among the unforgettable matches, the V-Day 2011/12 Grand Final which earned the Cucineri the second Scudetto and the 2008 Super Cup Final with the red and white success also resurface.

In the current tournament, the red and white and yellow-blue competed in front of the net in the first round at the Eurosuole Forum. On that occasion the guests proved solid by winning in three sets, driven by Michieletto’s play.

In the past season, Civitanova and Trento faced each other on 7 occasions: in the first phase Lube conquered Trento in a tie break after coming from behind in the first leg, while in the second round Itas returned the favor in four sets. In the series for the title, the home field factor reigned supreme. Civitanova responded with two home victories in Game 2 and Game 4 to Trento’s home successes in Game 1 and Game 3, but in the match the Dolomites prevailed in three sets within friendly walls.


In the historic courses and races between the intersections of Lube and Itas, both teams boasted a partial victory of 25-11, the largest difference. Exploit in favor of the red and whites in the second set of the 2nd return leg of 2005/06 in Trentino (3-1 victory for Lube), score obtained by the yellow-blues in the 5th first leg of the 2008/09 SuperLega, at the BLM Group Arena (victory for Itas 3-1). On both occasions the general director from Trentino was Beppe Cormio, current general manager of the red and whites.