Davide Marra, fresh off his retirement from competitive activity, now receives thanks from all the Pallavolo San Giustino staff. “What to say? – declared the CEO Claudio Bigi on behalf of the biancazzurra club – By now a lot has been said about this champion of sport and life! His over 400 appearances in the main categories, the numerous victories and participations in international competitions and the national team speak and already say everything. I only met him three years ago, but I believe that today our relationship of mutual respect and trust is truly strong. It was an honor and a privilege to include him among the ranks of Pallavolo San Giustino and, even now that he has hung up his knee pads, I believe he has another important career in the world of volleyball. We don’t yet know in which role, in which sector: I hope soon to be able to sit around a table with Davide to understand how to travel a long way together. Our company has never hidden the sporting ambitions (and not only) of the small area of ​​the Upper Tiber Valley, but the skills – not to mention the excellence – of the people present in this area must always be given an opportunity. We have a truly organized company ready for even bigger stages, unfortunately it is only the economic aspect (and it is no small thing!) that holds us back, so the hope is to have more and more supporting companies that believe in our project. For the moment, a new challenge awaits us with the organization of the Under 19 men’s national finals, which will be held in our district from May 14th to 19th and in which Davide Marra and the former international referee Simone Santi are the undisputed testimonials. I would just like to add a huge “good luck” to Davide for everything that isn’t volleyball and I’m very sure that in his private life he will play a more than just “extra” role. Lots and lots of stuff and for me he will forever be “my captain”!