Two days left until game 2 of the playoff final. The series continues, on Thursday 25 April starting from 7pm Emma Villas Siena will return to challenge and face Yuasa Battery Grottazzolina. The match will be played in Siena, at PalaEstra. The Marche team starts from a 1-0 lead after winning game 1 on Sunday at home.

Tickets to watch race 2 are already on sale. The full ticket for the first tier (closest to the playing field) costs 16 euros, the reduced one 10 euros. The ticket for the second ring costs 8 euros. The ticket for the guest sector costs 15 euros, reduced costs 10 euros. The parterre ticket, which gives the opportunity to watch the match practically from the sidelines, costs 25 euros.

Tickets to attend the match are already on sale online on the CiaoTickets platform. The PalaEstra ticket office will be open on Wednesday 24 April from 12pm to 2pm, and on Thursday (match day) from 4pm onwards.

The series is best of three games. If Emma Villas Siena wins game 2 then the series will be extended and game 3 will be played, which would be played in the Marche region on Sunday 28 April. However, if Grottazzolina also wins game 2 then the Marche team will be champions of A2 and will gain promotion to the Super League.

Today the libero and captain of Emma Villas Siena, Federico Bonami, made some statements in the press conference: “On Sunday in game 1 Grottazzolina imposed a superior game to ours – were the words of Bonami, – our objective must now be to continue the series. We will play at home, in front of our fans. Before this match I feel emotional: last year we were relegated from the Super League and now, after an incredible journey in my opinion, we find ourselves playing our cards in this playoff final against the team that dominated the regular season.”

Captain Federico Bonami continues: “We need to create great energy from the first moment we enter the pitch and then play our game. In game 1 we lacked a good approach to the match, we weren’t able to express ourselves for what we are. This year every player put themselves at the service of the team and there was continuous and constant growth on the part of the group. In these playoffs we managed to get the better of high-quality teams like Brescia and Porto Viro, so I believe that the journey we have made so far should be looked at with joy. Now we want to honor this game 2 and play this match to the best of our ability to go to game 3.”