Japanese will still be spoken at the Allianz Cloud because the president of Allianz Milano and the sporting director Fabio Lini have secured the spiker from the Rising Sun, Tatsunori Otsuka born in 2000, 195 cm tall. He comes from the Japanese championship where he defended the colors of the Panasonic Panthers and is busy with the Japanese national team for the VNL while waiting for the Paris games. These days he is in Brazil under the orders of Philippe Blain and with two stars of the caliber of captain Yuki Ishikawa and Ran Takahashi as teammates.

Here are his very first words as an Allianz Milano player.

“I’m starting to study English and Italian with commitment, in the next interviews he will say something more” assures the spiker with a smile.
Can you tell us something about yourself and your career? How would you define yourself on a gaming level?
“I have played the last three seasons in the Japanese top flight for Panasonic Panthers and I have been with the national team for five years now. Regarding my type of game, I can say that every day I work very hard on both the offensive and defensive phases. My move to Milan goes precisely in this direction, with a great coach like Roberto Piazza.”