The Rising Sun shines in Perugia!
Sir Susa Vim Perugia communicates with great satisfaction the purchase for the next two seasons of the Japanese spiker Yuki Ishikawa who will strengthen the four-place department together with the confirmed Kamil Semeniuk and Oleh Plotnytskyi and finds Angelo Lorenzetti, coach of his first team, on the bench Italian experience in Modena in the 2014-2015 season.
Yes, because the journey to Italy of Yuki, born in Okazaki City, twenty-eight years old in December, captain and symbol of the Japanese national team and certainly one of the characters of world volleyball, began at a very young age in Modena. One year, the following, at home at Chuo University, then the return to the Bel Paese with two seasons in Latina, one in Siena, one in Padua and the last four with the Milan shirt. A constant and at the same time dizzying growth that has brought Ishikawa into the circle of the best four places in the world thanks to extraordinary elevation skills, his undisputed technical qualities in the fundamentals, and the variety of offensive shots available typical of the Japanese school. A much loved and followed character by Japanese and international volleyball fans, Yuki is however super focused on the court and his first words from Block Devils come from Japan.
“Why Perugia? Because it is a very strong team that won everything this year,” says Ishikawa. “I thought that Perugia was the perfect team for me, I wanted to come here and I chose to wear the shirt of this great club.”
Yuki has faced Perugia many times in recent seasons and his idea of ​​the team is already very clear.
“I arrive in a team that plays very well with great consistency and which all has very strong players in its squad. I played against them often and they always put us in difficulty. I meet Angelo Lorenzetti who is a great coach. When I arrived in Italy for the first time in Modena I was 19 years old and I had him as a coach. I am very happy to play in his team again, I would like to show him that I have grown a lot here in Italy since I was 19.”
Super alloy and the “PalaBarton effect” are Ishikawa’s last thoughts.
“The Italian championship is always very difficult, winning is tough. It is certainly the best championship in the world, the level is very high, all the teams are strong and there are many great players. The PalaBarton audience? As an opponent I have always struggled even if I managed to win a few times. There was always a warm audience and great support not only in Perugia but also away from home.