The race for the 2024/25 Challenge Cup begins. On Wednesday the Venetian derby between Verona and Padua at 7.00 pm, while Cisterna hosts Piacenza at 8.30 pm. Civitanova and Modena on Thursday at 8.30pm

Six teams competing for 5th place in the 2023/24 SuperLega Credem Banca season with a European pass up for grabs for the 2025 Challenge Cup. The one-way round-robin tournament starts with two matches tomorrow, Wednesday 3 April which sees Cisterna Volley, Cucine Lube Civitanova, Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza, Pallavolo Padova, Rana Verona and Valsa Group Modena at the starting line. The postponement is scheduled for Thursday. The first round will begin with the Venetian derby between Verona and Padua (7.00 pm) continuing with the match between Cisterna and Piacenza (8.30 pm). Last to take the field, Thursday 4 April (8.30pm), Civitanova and Modena for the “classic”. At the end of the first phase, the four best-placed teams will advance to the Semi-finals in a single match to be played on the pitch of the two clubs with the best ranking in the group just played.


Play Off 5° Place Round 1 – Credem Banca 

Mercoledì 3 aprile 2024, ore 19.00
Rana Verona – Pallavolo Padova

Arbitri: Armandola Cesare, Brunelli Michele (Stellato Giuseppina)
Video Check: Danieli Roberto
Segnapunti: Rizzardo Chiara
Diretta VBTV

Mercoledì 3 aprile 2024, ore 20.30
Cisterna Volley – Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza

Arbitri: Carcione Vincenzo, Grassia Luca (Pazzaglini Marco)
Video Check: Arienzo Immacolata
Segnapunti: Moretti Nicolina
Diretta VBTV

Giovedì 4 aprile 2024, ore 20.30
Cucine Lube Civitanova – Valsa Group Modena

Arbitri: Verrascina Antonella, Zavater Marco (Mannarino Matteo)
Video Check: Catena Lorenzo
Segnapunti: Cetraro Matteo