“It’s us, it’s us, we’re the champions of Italy”.
It was a long and wonderful night for Sir Susa Vim Perugia. A night of celebration, returning to Perugia between songs and toasts, between choirs and smiles.
One of those nights that is worth living to the full because, after so much work and so many sacrifices, when you win you have to enjoy it.
And today is a very sweet, special Monday. The first as new Italian champions for the Block Devils of an enthusiastic president Sirci, driving force behind everything, and of coach Lorenzetti who repeats on a personal level the title won last year too.
Time doesn’t stop, it swallows up everything, but this April 28, 2024 is a date that will remain in everyone’s mind. Of those who were on the pitch, of those who were in the stands, of those who were glued in front of a television, of those who worked behind the scenes for an entire season to put their own little signature on this final.
You can’t stop time, even if yesterday would have been beautiful. However, we can write down words that will remain, yes, over time. Words full of emotion, words of the new Italian champions!
“The boys couldn’t have done more in terms of results,” says coach Lorenzetti. “They were the best in the final parts of the events, then we were also lucky and we must remember this for the next season which will be challenging. Next year I will finally play on the tricolor Taraflex, it is an honor to do it in Perugia, it will be something that we will try to defend, we will have to understand how. This is a group that has given a lot, a group that can and must grow because volleyball doesn’t wait for you, a group that has improved and that must take further steps forward. What if I imagined a season like this? I ended up in the right year, within this season there is the will of the boys and the work of the colleagues who preceded me and whom I thank.”
“My first championship, being Italian champion is an incredible sensation and emotion,” says Roberto Russo. “This final wasn’t easy and after sporting battles like this, winning is even better. An incredible season, thanks to the group because without the victories they don’t come. The fans? A show”.
“This championship is a lot,” exults Flavio. “The season couldn’t have ended better than this. We had ups and downs during the year, but we were always all together, we started together and we finished great together. We have made many sacrifices and we deserve this victory.”