Francesco Denora Caporusso: A season from which to learn a lot, like the others. It was a match with great expectations, clashed with reality and lived on the swing, but what matters is that Libertas will still be in Serie A2.

Alessio Zingoni: From a results point of view, this has been an ‘average’ season. At the beginning of the year we certainly expected more. We finished with 13 wins and 17 defeats between the championship and the DelMonte® Italian Cup. Unfortunately we didn’t have a good record at home, and this makes me especially sorry for the arena and the environment. From a personal point of view, this has been a long but very important season, because as a coach I have grown a lot, always seeking improvement in the new team structures that we had during the year, with the new addition, with the work with the bench that always supported the others, despite many of them having their first experience in Serie A2. So on a personal level it was definitely a positive experience. At the beginning of the year the goal was to enter the Play Offs, and unfortunately we didn’t succeed. But in the DelMonte® Italian Cup we proved that eighth place was worth it by beating Kemas Lamipel Santa Croce: it was indeed a play-off to go through, but also to show who was the first of the teams to arrive close to the ‘block’ Play Offs’. On our way, then, we found Grottazzolina, to which I extend my immense compliments for an excellent season. Thanks to all the guys. I thank Francesco (Denora Caporusso, ed.), it was a pleasure working with him. I thank all the rest of the staff: we had an average year in terms of results, but certainly positive on a human level and in terms of growth.

Dario Monguzzi: This has been a more competitive season than ever, due to an important balance between all the teams. Unfortunately for us in some ways a little below expectations due to last year’s great exploit. This teaches us that every year has its own story, every championship offers unexpected surprises. I believe that we must take advantage of every experience and match to look to the future and always try to improve, because on the other side of the net there will always be an opponent who wants to win as much as you do. I am sure that Cantù will build a team that lives up to its name and its history, continuing to give emotions like it has given me for all these years.

Luca Butti: This season also ended on Sunday in Grottazzolina. It has been a very challenging year, with many difficult matches in this top-level championship.