The race to avoid the relegation of Bcc Tecbus Castellana Grotte in the A2 Credem Banca men’s volleyball national championship starts again from the home match against Kemas Lamipel Santa Croce. On Sunday 25 February 2024, with the start postponed to 7pm, the team coached by Simone Cruciani will return to the pitch to face the Tuscan team, currently eighth in the standings with 29 points.

About ten days after the last match played (last Thursday’s match in Siena which ended with a 3-0 defeat), Bcc Tecbus finds Pala Grotte again, hoping to also resume the path that began with the 3 victory -1 on Cuneo on February 11th.

Second to last with 16 points, three points away from Pineto and six from the pair made up of Reggio Emilia and Aversa (who in the meantime have increased their relegation quota) and with five days to go from the end of the regular season, the yellow-blues need to gain a victory to face the last month of the championship to the fullest. The 22nd matchday, in fact, risks being, if not decisive, very important also due to the presence on the calendar of the direct clash between Pineto and Reggio Emilia, i.e. two of the teams that precede New Mater in the standings (while Aversa will visit Porto Viro and Ortona in Cantù).

With the schedule getting tight (the Serie A2 tournament ends on March 24th), in short, it becomes obligatory to shake up the rankings, starting from the match against Santa Croce, a team that has always proven to be difficult to face on the road . Because if it is true that in the last three away matches Kemas Lamipel have suffered three defeats, it is also true that in the last two (Cantù and Cuneo) two points have also come from as many tie breaks. As always, determination and the right approach will be needed, but also a collective effort like the one put in place two weeks ago with Cuneo.

There are 14 precedents between Castellana Grotte and Santa Croce: ten victories for the Apulians, four successes for the Tuscans, two of these achieved in the last two matches both played at Pala Parenti. As regards Pala Grotte, however, there are seven matches in the archive with six victories for New Mater and only one success for Kemas Lamipel.