A match full of pathos, emotions, continuous reversals but above all a Super League match was the one played between Yuasa Battery Grottazzolina and Consar Ravenna; the PalaGrotta was transformed for one evening into PalaBolgia, a whole town, but also the entire district, united and with yet another full house pushed their favorites incessantly for over 2 hours and 20 minutes of play, helping them, after five indescribable sets forbidden to the faint of heart, to reach a historic Promotion Final that had been missing in Grottazzolina for 24 years.

THE LINEUPS – Coach Marco Bonitta arrives at the PalaGrotta starting with Antonino Russo at the setter, Alessandro Bovolenta at the diagonal, Alexandros Raptis and Mattia Orioli at the front, Stefano Mengozzi and Filippo Bartolucci at the centre, Riccardo Goi in the role of libero; on the other side of the net coach Massimiliano Ortenzi responds with Manuele Marchiani in the control room, Rasmus Breuning Nielsen as opposite, Michele Fedrizzi and Claudio Cattaneo as spikers and receivers, Andrea Mattei and Andrea Canella as central defenders with Andrea Marchisio commanding the second line operations.