Carige snatch a point in Spoleto and keep fight for the Serie A2

Carige Copra Genova: Fight until the last breath. Genova lost 3-2 last Sunday against Spoleto but the team is still fighting to keep staying in A2. Only one point behind Spoleto and Mantova. So Genova destiny is strictly tied also to the other team results, but coach Mosca declared that if the team will be so good to make points in the last three matches, our chances to avoid relegation will higly increase.
The team is still alive and this is what matters also considering the Giombini’s injury.
So the fight is still on and next match is scheduled for Sunday at 6.00PM at the Pala Cus, against Gioia del Colle. It will be a very difficult match also considering that Gioia is one of the team in better shape at the moment.

Paolo Noli
Ufficio stampa
Carige Copra Genova