Approaching the second season of Credem Banca Sponsorship

Credem Banca Group, with more than 1,2 milions of customers, more than 6000 emplyees and more than 650 offices all around Italy, is one of the most solid bank groups in the Belpaese.

Lega Volley Italian National League is approaching the second season of sponsorship together with Credem Banca, in in the three seasons deal sealed by Lega Volley and Credem.

75° Championship is approaching, with some structural news in the format, with newborn Serie A3 together with Serie A2 and Superleague.

About this, Lega Volley President Paola De Micheli said: “in thi first season together we founded the solid roots of a big and passioned partnership, with a big share of values, missions and goals. We were together in everything, in every single aspect of the strategy, and this made our relationship stronger and stronger. We are so happy to celebrate this second season of partnership”.

Credem Banca President Lucio Igino Zanon di Valgiurata said: “we were pretty satisfied of our first season together, we are very happy to connect our name to italian volleyball. We and Lega volley have the same ideas, the same values and the same attitude and goals in living sport life and bank life as a team. we learn to feel part of the volleyball family, who took us with them with warm and enthusiasm, and we are pretty sure we will keep our passioned relationship for long time”.

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