Diego Mosna brand new Lega Volley President

Succeeding to On. Paola De micheli, who left the charge on 5th september due political charges, on today the Administration council of Lega Volley Italian Volleyball League elected brand new president, Diego Mosna, President of Itas Trentino Volley.

This will be the third stint as president for Diego Mosna, who was Lega Volley President from 2004 until 2009 and from 2010 until 2014.


Lega Volley Presidents:

Carlo Francanzani, dal 1987 al 1997
Bruno Da Re, dal 1997 al 2000
Giorgio Varacca, dal 2000 al 2002
Bruno Da Re, dal 2002 al 2004
Diego Mosna, dal 2004 al 2009
Claudio Sciurpa, dal 2009 al 2010
Diego Mosna, dal 2010 al 2014
Albino Massaccesi, dal 2014 al 2016
Paola De Micheli, dal 2016 al 2019
Diego Mosna, dal 2019