Consar in Italian Cup

Per fermare Modena, la Consar si affiderà anche ai muri di Cortesia e Vernon-Evans

The second to last act of Del Monte Italian Cup are upcoming, with the Quarterfinals scheduled this week.
Will be a tough challenge in the next Quarterfinals, four no tomorrow games between the top 8 teams in Credem Banca Superleague first Half, with italian european and world Champions Cucine Lube Civitanova, Number 1 of the seed, will face on the home turf Eurosuole Forum the Number 8 of the seed Vero Volley Monza. The defending Italian Cup Champions Sir Safety Conad will face at PalaBarton in Perugia Kioene Padova, Leo Shoes Modena at PalaPanini will face Consar Ravenna, and Allianz Powervolley Milano, who clinched the fourth place in the standings, will face at Allianz Cloud former world champions Itas Trentino. The four winners will face each other the weekend of 22nd and 23rd february at Unipol Arena in Bologna, for the Del monte Italian Cup Semifinals and Final, in a great world volleyball showdown.
Del Monte® Coppa Italia SuperLega – Quarterfinals
Mercoledì 22 gennaio 2020, ore 20.30
Cucine Lube Civitanova – Vero Volley Monza Diretta Eleven Sports
(Vagni-Santi) Terzo Arbitro: Morganti
Addetto al Video Check: La Delia Segnapunti: Violini
Sir Safety Conad Perugia – Kioene Padova Diretta Eleven Sports
(Piana-Sobrero) Terzo Arbitro: Bolici
Addetto al Video Check: Magnino Segnapunti: Bordoni
Leo Shoes Modena – Consar Ravenna Diretta Eleven Sports
(Cappello-Frapiccini) Terzo Arbitro: Libardi
Addetto al Video Check: Palmieri Segnapunti: Salvati
Giovedì 23 gennaio, ore 20.45
Allianz Milano – Itas Trentino Diretta RAI Sport Diretta streaming
(Zavater-Boris) Terzo Arbitro: Manzoni
Addetto al Video Check: Bartesaghi Segnapunti: Zuccotti
Del Monte® Finals Coppa Italia
Unipol Arena – Casalecchio di Reno (BO)
Sabato 22 febbraio, ore 16.00
1st Semifinal Live RAI Sport
Diretta streaming su
Sabato 22 febbraio, ore 18.30
2a Semifinal RAI Sport
Diretta streaming su
Domenica 23 febbraio, ore 14.30
Final Serie A2/A3
Domenica 23 febbraio, ore 18.00
Final Live RAI Sport
Live streaming su

Media Program

Diretta Eleven Sports a partire dalle ore 20.30
Mercoledì 22 gennaio 2020
Cucine Lube Civitanova – Vero Volley Monza
Sir Safety Conad Perugia – Kioene Padova
Leo Shoes Modena – Consar Ravenna
Diretta RAI Sport a partire dalle 20.45
Diretta streaming su
Giovedì 23 gennaio 2020
Allianz Milano – Itas Trentino
Commento di Maurizio Colantoni e Lorenzo Bernardi

Live Radio “Zona Cesarini” – Radio RAI 1 from 20.30
Credem Banca Superleague 75° championship will be broadcasted on Radio RAI 1 in the program “Domenica Sport”, with the commentary of Manuela Collazzo.
TG5 Sport
TG5 Canale 5 by night will broadcast a wrapup of Credem Banca Superleague Round. From midnight to 8am the wrapup will be on rotation in Canale 5 night planning.
SKY Sport 24
Sky Sport 24 will take care of Credem Banca Superleague every week, with highlights, interviews and focus on the games and the players.

Foreign TVs
Lega Pallavolo Serie A TV partners will see live games every sunday with english commentary from Daniele Vecchi: Sportklub (Serbia, Kosovo, Croazia, Bosnia Erzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro), Match TV (Russia), Polsat (Poland), BTV Bulgaria, DSmart (Turkey), and world betting websites broadcasted by SportRadar.
Lega Volley Channel, in the partnership with, all the games (except the live games on Rai National TV) will be broadcasted live on ElevenSports platform.
YouTube Lega Volley Channel will broadcast all the games in streaming at the link, Together with Genius Sport, all Credem Banca Serie A2 and A3 games will be broadcasted live.