President Giammarco Bisogno after the end of the season

The season is finished, Emma Villas Aubay Siena has been eliminated in semifinal by Brescia. After this bad loss, Siena’s president Giammarco Bisogno spoe about the season: “we are now facing the week after the end of our season, and plenty of feelings are in me. We had a season conditionned by pandemic situations, we have been one of the teams more struck by the illness, but I don’t want to have any excuse. We started this season with ambitions, and obviously we all have some responsabilities toward our sponsors, who helped us to made up a contender team. We hired a powerhouse, with experienced players as Della Lunga, Fabroni, Massari, Barone and Yudin, young players as Romanò, and prospects as Truocchio, Fantuzzo and Panciocco, so the coaching staff had a prime level roster. I heard someone of our coaching staff saying Brescia had more eyes of the tiger for win, and I cannot agree with this. Starting the season we were conscious we can reach the final, and it didn’t happened. In next season we will ink only players who are determined and focused on the win, who are hungry for win and who will give everything on court to put  Siena atop the standings”.