Volleyball is going to die

Atlantide Brescia is firmly against the brand new government rule about the 35% of capacity in the indoor arenas.

As a club, since Covid19 spread, we had the health of our players, staff, executives and above all fans, as first priority.

Green Pass is running the best way possible, millions of people got vaccinated, and we are not able to understand why we are not having a “normal” way to see volleyball games, with masks and all the compulsory rules.

We’ll never have a Zero risk, Covid19 is part of our life right now.

As citizen, I would ask a question to minister Speranza: “if I’m vaccinated and I wear mask, why I shouldn’t feel safe in a volleyball arena together with all the other fans?”.

The amount of the incomes, tickets and season tickets cut of 65%, is the virtual END of volleyball, as we know it until now. The economic and social troubles we are approaching to face will need to be evaluated by the government.

We as a club are asking to come back to work for our people, for our fans.

We do not want volleyball to lose thousends of employees.

The enormous value of sport, as we saw in last Olympic Games, watching all the sports, should drive the government to give some signals to the sport.

Football is moving big money, probably other sports do not, but are we sure that desterification around other sports is the solution?