Bruno Vinti landed in Bologna

The team of coach Marzola begins to take shape with a fundamental player: Bruno Vinti.
The spiker from Rosario, after a long career in the Argentine top league, has moved to Italy and this will be his fourth season in A3.
Three important participations in the most popular teams of the championship seasoned by the promotion to A2 with the PortoViro team.
An expert and well-balanced band, the 91 ‘class has great technical skills in second line fundamentals but already has 958 points; let’s hope Bologna is the city where Bruno will be able to put his signature on his first 1000 points in Italy.

– how are you in Italy? And why did you choose Bologna?

Bruno Vinti: “I had a great time in Italy from the very beginning, the Italian culture is so much like ours and I have always felt at home. Then it is a state full of history: I love it!
The decision to sign in Bologna depended on a series of factors: the company’s project which I think is very serious and interesting; the city of Bologna that luckily I have had the opportunity to know, I have always liked and I think I will have a great time there; the idea of ​​the team they want to achieve; last but not least for the staff who told me to always be prepared to let us work in a good environment. ”

– You are now one of the experts of this championship, what do you expect in particular from this season?

“With the passage of time the level of the A3 has always risen, plus this year with the inclusion of a second foreigner on the pitch in A2, many players used to playing at great levels have come to play in this category. I expect an even more balanced and more competitive championship than in previous years, we will always try to give our best to fight every match. As I said, it will be a tough championship: we should face it step by step, match after match, to reach our goals. “