Close to the en-plein after the first phase for the red and white players engaged with their respective national selections at the World Cup in Poland and Slovenia 2022. Out of seven registered members of Cucine Lube Civitanova, only the Bulgarian talent Aleksandar Nikolov and his Bulgaria, at the end of the Group A, did not make it to the Round of 16. Five of the six survivors, however, could cross paths in the next two rounds. The Italian national team of Simone Anzani, Fabio Balaso and Mattia Bottolo won Group E undefeated ahead of Turkey, Canada and China, but tomorrow in the Round of 16 (Saturday 3 September at 9.15 pm) they will meet Cuba, a selection with the cooking champion Marlon Yant and the central former Lube Robertlandy Simon, returned to great volleyball hitting a third place in Pool B. In the same part of the tennis-style scoreboard there is the France of Barthelemy Chinenyeze, central landed in white and red in the summer market. The transalpines, strong of the primacy in Group D, on Monday 5 September at 9 pm, will face Japan. Those who pass the round will find the winner of the Italy – Cuba match in the quarters. On the other side of the board, Luciano De Cecco, captain of Lube, is looking for a pass for the Quarters with his Argentina, back from third place in the Pool F and combined with Serbia in the dry round of the Round of 16 scheduled for Tuesday 6 September at 5.30 pm.

Spectacular matches are coming, with open predictions and with only one certainty, that all the red and white players in the running will sell their skin dearly to chase the world championship dream!

First Phase Group Standings

Pool A: Serbia 3 wins, Ukraine 2, Tunisia 1, Puerto Rico 0.

Pool B: Brazil 3 wins, Japan 2, Cuba 1, Qatar 0.

Pool C: Poland 3 wins, USA 2, Mexico 1, Bulgaria 0.

Pool D: France 3 wins, Slovenia 2, Germany 1, Cameroon 0.

Pool E: Italy 3 wins, Turkey 2, Canada 1, China 0.

Pool F: Netherlands 3 wins, Iran 2, Argentina 1, Egypt 0.

Second World Round Schedule in Poland and Slovenia

September 3

Round of 16 in Ljubljana, Slovenia

5.30 pm Slovenia – Germany

9.15 pm Italy – Cuba

September 4th

Round of 16 in Gliwice, Poland

17.30 USA – Turkey

9 pm Poland – Tunisia

September 5th

Round of 16 in Ljubljana, Slovenia

5.30 pm Holland – Ukraine

9pm France – Japan

September 6

Round of 16 in Gliwice, Poland

17.30 Serbia – Argentina

9pm Brazil – Iran