Alessandro Pagliai still with Lupi

It is difficult to imagine a Kemas Lamipel without Alessandro Pagliai, but also Alessandro Pagliai far from S. Croce. A very long union (since 1992 as an athlete, since 2007 as sports director and then coach) and a feeling well represented by the plurality of tasks that the company will entrust to him also in the next season: sporting director of the first team of A2 Credem Banca and coach of the series B national team and the youth teams of reference for the activity (specifically, Under 19). But not only this: Pagliai is also an appreciated talent scout, a team manager, a “problem solver”, a role that in Italian can be translated as “the one who solves problems”.
The statements:
“Santa Croce is my home. I have been here since 2007 after playing with it for 5 years so along with the red blood I would say that the white one also flows. Seriously I can certainly say that here I had the opportunity to experience volleyball in a professional way and many years of Serie A have enriched me a lot “.
“The beginning of each new season is always a unique emotion, there is a desire to work together with the staff and anxious to see the results of what we have built over the summer”.
“Last season was extremely positive with the second place in the regular season of Serie A, the salvation for our young Serie B and with the conquest of the national U19 and U20 league finals. We are aware that there will be a lot of work to try to improve, but we are there … and always FORZA WOLVES !! ”
The curriculum:
Born in Prato, he reached A2 with the team of his city (with the Centromatic license plate) and then moved on to the Wolves in the 1992-93 season. We are obviously talking about the career as an athlete, then continued, again with the red and white, but in B1, for a further four years. The transition from the field to the bench took place in the seasons spent at the helm of the historic Blu Pub Pistoia (Serie B) and other prestigious Tuscan realities. In 2007 the red and white association “called him back” to ask him to fill another role, that of sporting director. Five years as D.S., therefore still on the bench, parallel to the difficult period experienced by the Wolves between 2012 and 2015. With his return to A2 Credem Banca, Pagliai returned to work as a sports director but without abandoning his position on the bench : played the role of second coach (nominally also “first”, due to the situation of the Cezar Douglas card), until last season, when the company decided to set up a national B to give the boys experience and he decided to entrust it to him. As always, with excellent results.