Di Pinto interview

Having tackled the first two weeks of work in the best possible way, Mr. Di Pinto tells the main stages of the young rossoblù athletes after their arrival in Puglia, from the fundamental search for a sense of belonging to the territory, up to the construction of an important mentality that will accompany them. throughout their seasonal journey.

Mister Di Pinto, how is athletic training going?

“We started early, we are working well and everything is going according to our schedule. It is a nice, healthy and motivated group. Two weeks of basic preparation were useful for studying in depth what will then be both individual preparation and the whole. group technical and strategic physicist “.

You are making visits and meetings with the city, first the meeting at the Virgilio Gardens and then the visit to the MarTa Museum; you are building moments of togetherness to make players feel a special sense of belonging to the city of Taranto. How did they go?

“Yes, the visits have been planned especially for this: in particular this year, there are some needs of companies such as marketing for sponsors, but above all I like the idea of ​​the guys who savor the history of the city of Taranto and Puglia, also thanks to the intervention of the Mayor Rinaldo Melucci who, as usual, was extraordinary together with the Councilor for Sport Azzaro with the director Eva Degl’Innocenti, who attended and directed the visit to the MarTa National Archaeological Museum where the tomb is kept of the Magna Graecia athlete of 2500 years ago. The Mayor Melucci has always been close to the company of President Bongiovanni, and on this occasion he did not fail to convey to our athletes this sense of territoriality that the boys appreciated, visiting with interest the I want to thank him from my heart for this, because the intervention of the First Citizen of Taranto at the event was of great impact, a good omen and I feel mo the great closeness during the season “.