Sir Safety Susa Perugia was back yesterday to PalaBarton.
After the positive home debut in Superlega last Sunday against Monza, the Block Devils promptly got to work under the orders of coach Anastasi and his staff.
The Juventus men have two goals. The more general one concerns the process of growth and improvement for what are the technical-tactical aspects and also of physical strength. The most current one, on the other hand, concerns the preparation for the next official match scheduled, the second Super League match and the first away match of the season in Siena on Sunday 9 October.
For the first aspect, Anastasi deepened what emerged from the match against Monza. A match generally well played by Perugia which, net of the period and of an amalgam still to be found, was able to play a good level game in particular in some fundamental such as reception, which held considerable percentages throughout the duration ( 61% at the end of positive) even in the presence of an insidious joke like the Brianza one, and the attack that guaranteed continuity to the Juventus game also in this case with respectable percentages (57% of the team with the “peak” of Semeniuk who closed with a stratospheric 90%) and above all with just three direct errors in the three disputed sets. All ideas from which to start and then continue in a work aimed at the growth of the wall-defense correlation and in general of the game system to be used.
For the second aspect, that is the preparation for the second championship, the coaching staff has already begun the study of the Emma Villas Aubay Siena, the next opponent and team that has been faced twice also in the pre-season. Especially in this very early phase of the season, the diktat of all the teams is to look above all in their own part of the pitch, but it is clear that on Sunday it will also be important to plan the match from a technical-tactical aspect based on the characteristics of the Tuscan team.