Ghizzoni with Lagonegro

Another confirmation in the staff sector comes for the trainer Vincenzo Ghizzoni, who has been close to the colors of the company of President Carlomagno for years. “For me it was a great satisfaction and honor to have been reconfirmed this year by the President Carlomagno and by Mr. Barbiero – explains Enzo Ghizzoni, trainer of the Cave del Sole – this means that the work of these years has been good and has been appreciated . I have already made contact with the boys and already since June: they are doing some programmatic transition work between the end of the old season and the new one. They are all very charged and motivated, as well as I am: we are ready to start the new season which will be very demanding and we can’t wait to start, we want to give everyone a hard time. I wish the fans of the Cave del Sole to enjoy many beautiful matches and I invite them to participate and to be close to the team during the championship ”. Thus concludes the trainer Ghizzoni who will be at the starting line on 18 August in the sports hall of Villa D’agri, when the President, the management, the staff and the athletes will meet for the usual initial greetings and to plan the new season that it will start next October 9th.