Good roster for Med Store Tunit

On 9 October the new Serie A3 Credem Banca championship will officially begin for Med Store Tunit Macerata, which will be involved in an away match against ErmGroup San Giustino. There is a lot of curiosity around the red and white team, which is preparing to begin preparation with a renewed roster but which has kept the level of competitiveness high: starting from a hard core of players, the company has added experienced athletes and young people of potential, a mix that in the past seasons has always given good results. The first novelty, however, starts from the bench, entrusted to Flavio Gulinelli.

“We think they can grow a lot over the course of the season, maybe become part of the backbone of this team. Obviously, the championship will then give us more precise indications but we have chosen them carefully both for their technical skills and for their character. We also want to dialogue with the youth sector of Macerata Volleyball, grow together by supporting each other over the course of the season ”. As far as the championship is concerned, a new balanced White Group is expected with different teams that have strengthened, “I am convinced that among so many competitive opponents, the difference will be made by the work of the clubs, those that will be able to better support the team will obtain results. In the Med Store Tunit Macerata we talked about it for a long time, with the management and the technical staff, to have even greater participation and we are optimistic in view of the new season. Another element we want to focus on is the involvement of the city; we are thinking about various initiatives that can bring fans even closer and not only to Med Store Tunit. Macerata deserves a team that lives up to its tradition, the support of the city is essential for further growth “.

Hitter: Andrea Bacco, Pietro Margutti, Michele Morelli, Alessio Paolucci, Enrico Zappoli, Stanislav Zbingniew

Ruggers: Azaria Gonzi, Martin Alberto Kindgard

Central: Andrea De Col, Matteo Pizzichini, Gabriele Sanfilippo

Free: Simone Gabbanelli, Jacopo Ravellino

Coach: Flavio Gulinelli