After the two training sessions with Superlega franchises, and the internal challenge at the S. Giustino Volleyball (A3), Kemas Lamipel S. Croce returns on court, at the end of a week of work that the coach Mastrangelo was forced to remodel afterwards with the cancellation of the test match on Wednesday against Tuscania (A3), due to the unavailability of the host team. The red and white, Saturday 17 September, will participate in a triangular with the formations of ABBA Pineto and, again, Ermgroup S. Giustino, organizer and host. The first race will face the hosts and the Wolves, at 15.30. The second, again the Kemas Lamipel against Pineto (5.00 pm c.a.). The match between Umbria and Abruzzo will close the program (6.30 pm). Ermgroup S. Giustino is a newly promoted team in A3 that we have come to know, having already challenged the red and white last Saturday, at Pala Parenti. Many new faces still to be amalgamated for coach Bartolini. ABBA Pineto, in A3, wants to play the lion’s share, or at least fight for the top ranking. The former team of our general manager Da Roit has recently played in the 7th Memorial “Antonio Pisciella”, defeating the Med Store Macerata with a score of 3 sets to 1. In the staff of coach Tomasello emerges the profile of the fourth-placed spiker Sebastiano Milan, former Lagonegro, Padua, Siena (2019-20) and others, between Superlega and A2. A “globetrotter” also the setter Matteo Paris, from Rome, from Palmi. Bomber prince the Swedish Jacob Link, second season in Pineto, in Italy since 2016 (Padua, Gioia, Pordenone, Sabaudia, the previous stages). The two opposing teams of Kemas Lamipel will both face the “White” group of A3 Credem Banca. It will be played at the Palasport di S. Giustino.