Leo Shoes Casarano landed Federico Guadagnini

The work of setting up the 2022-2023 roster signed by Leo Shoes Casarano continues.

A new face arrives at the court of Mister Licchelli: it is always a young man with great potential in perfect line, therefore, with the project that the rossoazzurra company has been carrying out in recent weeks.

Federico Guadagnini is the reinforcement of the last few hours perfected by sporting director Luigi Anastasia: born in 2004, spiker with excellent reception and defense qualities, the athlete from Brindisi has just returned from winning the under 19 championship won with the Materdomini Castellana shirt.

The one won a few weeks ago is not the only title that Guadagnini can boast: in his personal bulletin there is also the victory of the Trophy of the Regions (2019), of the under 13 championship (2017) and always in 2017 the Boy League with other well twelve

regional titles obtained in the various years. Furthermore, to remember the prestigious call-up to the national team when the new red and blue spiker was called to join the Italian Club in 2020.

Now Guadagnini is ready to challenge himself on the big stage of Serie A; these are his first statements at the time of signing the contract that will bind him to the club of President Dongiovanni: “I can’t wait to start this new experience in Casarano, becoming the protagonist of a project focused on many young athletes with great ambitions. I will try to honor this shirt and make our warm cheer happy. “