Leonel Marshall ready for Ortona

The wait is over. Leonel Marshall, ace of volleyball, as well as transfer market man pursued by Sieco already last season, arrived in Ortona last weekend. A delay of a few days compared to the meeting on August 18, due to small bureaucratic hitches with the Cuban authorities.

A highly experienced player with explosiveness in jumping that allows him to reach 380 cm in attack and 340 on the wall, Marshal will certainly represent a guide and an important point of reference for all the younger teammates. An added value capable of providing an extra gear to a team built with important ambitions in mind.

Nunzio Lanci: «Having a player like Leonel Marshall in the team is a reason to stimulate everyone, both for the players on the pitch and for me as a coach. A player of this caliber raises the bar for quality both in training and during the match. Leonel will therefore be a fundamental point of reference able to constantly improve us along the path of the championship ». But Leonel’s contribution does not stop only at the pitch. «Everyone, absolutely all lovers of this sport know who Marshall is» continues Coach Lanci «for this reason we hope that his presence in Ortona will regenerate that desire for volleyball so as to see many people at our home competitions».

Leonel Marshall’s career is literally studded with world-class successes. A symbolic player of Cuban volleyball, Leonel has remained in the hearts of Piacenza fans having played many seasons in the Emilian city, also collecting various successes here.