It’s official: Luca Cantagalli is the new Reggio Emilia manager for the 2022/2023 season.

The news was announced at the press conference at Villa Cupido in Cella: “We are presenting a not too new coach – begins the dg Loris Migliari – The new coach had already coached in the 2015/2016 season and also held the record beaten by ‘vintage just ended “. The team coached by Cantagalli had in fact obtained the ranking of the Regular Season historically higher, that of fifth place, also winning the playoff quarter-finals, guaranteeing access for the first time in the semi-final promotion against Vibo Valentia.

Coach Cantagalli says he is strongly motivated to start the journey with Reggio Emilia for the coming year: “In Reggio Emilia I finished with a great season, but now we have to move on to the future. The championship that awaits us will be competitive and exciting, which is why we are building a team that can be the protagonist in all respects, despite the delay in making the transfer market for obvious reasons. I thank the club for allowing me to re-enter the world of volleyball, which I had briefly abandoned; I like to get involved and doing it in the field of my city with my children has pushed me to start over ”.

Yes, the roster will consist of three Cantagalli, in addition to Luca’s engagement there will be the reconfirmation of Diego Cantagalli and in the school year 2022/2023 we will also see Marco Cantagalli wearing the yellow and red jersey: “It will not be easy to divide the house and the gym, but as I will tell the team each of my players will have to prove that they deserve the field”.

Azzio Santini, CEO of Volley Tricolore, says he is satisfied with the Cantagalli signing: “We needed to increase the dose of Reggio in our team and he is the expression of that”.

Santini also expresses himself on the sports hall in which the game will be played: “We still have no official information on the sports hall despite extensive assurances from the administration, there is no definitive information on the state of work, one hypothesis is to start the championship in Rubiera. and then move to the Bigi “. In this regard, Migliari takes the opportunity to renew thanks to the municipality of Rubiera for the hospitality and hopes for the effective construction of a “volleyball house” accessible to all local clubs.