First reconfirmation in Reggio Emilia: Fabio Fanuli will be the second coach alongside Luca Cantagalli: “Last year I really realized how beautiful it is to be in the gym and make your job a passion.”

The coach has decided to extend his stay in the yellow-red club for next season as well: “The decision to stay in Reggio Emilia, which I now consider my second home, starts from a discussion I started last year with Volley Tricolore and Pieve Volley for a medium-long term project in the area. This year I also found myself very well, the continuation of this relationship was the natural continuation of a beautiful year. ” In fact, Fanuli did not only win the Serie A2 Italian Cup and the championship as a coach, in fact the last team to win both the Italian Cup and the Scudetto was Piacenza in 2019; the team boasted in its roster the free Fabio Fanuli who for this reason has been defined as a ‘talisman’.

“That past was an incredible season full of emotions, I started by getting the most that could be aspired to. The transition from player to coach was very natural also thanks to Mastrangelo – former coach of Volley Tricolore – who often revealed some tricks of the trade to me, facilitating my personal growth path. Last year I found a group of incredible players who have certainly enriched me from all points of view ”.

This season the Reggio bench will share the experience in the SuperLega: “Cantagalli was a champion among the greatest of all times, so I am very excited to be able to collaborate with him, I am sure he will teach me a lot both on and off the pitch thanks to his great experience “.