Consar RCM relies on the expert hands of Manuel Coscione for the next season in A2, a championship that Ravenna returns to play after 11 years of SuperLega. The 42-year-old lifter from Cuneo, but a citizen of Cervia for over 15 years, said yes to Marco Bonitta, making his long militancy on Italian parquet available to the club and the team with 18 consecutive years in A1 and SuperLega (Cuneo, Montichiari, Padua, Rome, Forlì, Vibo, Verona and Piacenza his stops) and the last three years in A2 (in Calci, Taranto, with a lot of promotion to SuperLega and Cantù in the year just ended), with a parenthesis in France at Arago Sete in 2018/19 and his 29 appearances in the blue jersey. Among Coscione’s victories there are also an Italian Cup and a Cev Cup won with Cuneo and a Cev Cup obtained with Rome.