After only a week of preparation, at Volley Marcianise it is time to take stock of the situation. The athletic trainer Vincenzo D’Argenio summarizes the first five days of work like this. “We are in one of the most delicate phases of physical preparation, the“ extensive ”phase. In this period we have a primary goal: to strengthen the bradymetabolic tissues. They have longer adaptation times than muscle tissues, therefore essential for injury prevention. The athletes had an intense week with reconditioning work in the weight room and preparatory exercises for jumping into the pool. The training sessions had as their general objective the construction of basic physical qualities and motor control, trying to push on organic and metabolic activity, with works that had as their specific objective the structural and resistant strength. This slowly will allow us to carry out muscle strengthening exercises that will have to involve a large number of muscle groups belonging to different kinetic chains. All this will facilitate the transfer of force along a series of muscle chains in a centripetal manner, thus ensuring an improvement in sports performance. I take advantage of the interview to thank the guys who are following me with commitment and sacrifice in this hard period of preparation … A group of people who share a common goal can achieve the impossible “.