Francesco Guastamacchia, a good add for Belluno

Ambition, personality and clear ideas. But also the right humility to face the adventure in A3. The first at the first team level: Francesco Guastamacchia is one of the new cards in the Da Rold Logistics Belluno deck. And he presents himself with words full of expectations: «I would like to gain experience and become one of the pillars of the group».

The middle blocker, born in 2003, comes from Volleyball Padova: «When I finished my career in the youth field, I went in search of a team. I was aiming for Serie A and, as soon as I received the call from Belluno, I didn’t think twice about accepting ». The central battery is in the sign of the green line if it is true that, excluding captain Paganin, the oldest is the twenty-year-old Matteo Mozzato: «I hope to play as much as possible – continues Guastamacchia – and to play a good championship. The new companions can help me grow and entertain me ».

Francesco’s characteristics are very interesting: “I think I’m pretty good at attacking, but a little lacking on the block, since I’ve always played at levels where the ball didn’t travel at a fast pace. Or at least, not like in this league. I will certainly work hard to improve. As for the serve, the “float” is honest and I have a chance to beat “spin” as well. This, however, will be decided by the coach. “