Daniele Albergati in Massalubrense

Daniele Albergati

29 years old in June, Daniele Albergati will meet captain Gianpio Aprea in the green and white jersey, with whom he shared several seasons in the youth sector of the prestigious Trentino Volley. The excellent performances in the ranks of Motta di Livenza and Portomaggiore (dragged with sumptuous games to the play-offs as a terrible freshman) earned him the well-deserved homecoming, sharing the locker room with the long-time idol Matey Kaziyski. With the colors of Trento he put the Italian Super Cup on the bulletin board, reaching the final of the CEV Champions League lost to ZAKSA after regulating Perugia in the semifinals at the end of two epic matches.

After the season of your return to Trento, in which you were in the group that won the Super Cup and was in the Champions League final, the arrival at Folgore Massa comes. How did this opportunity come about and what prompted you to embark on this new adventure?

“Actually it had already been 2 years that director Ruggiero was contacting me in the summer to understand what my intentions were. Then this year I decided to marry the Folgore project, which immediately seemed very fascinating to me. I personally know Gianpio Aprea for having shared a few years in Trento with the youth sector: I spoke with him, and he explained to me the solidity of the club and how stimulating and growing the environment can be. There is a great desire to do well without excessive pressure, and then an extraordinary audience that has always followed the team despite playing quite far from Sorrento. All this, together with the desire to have a new experience, convinced me to accept the proposal of the coastal partnership. Having also had my girlfriend in Bergamo, I had always played close to home, so it will be my first experience in the center-south group of A3. I expect a very exciting season as all the teams are setting up competitive rosters, and I am sure it will be fun ”.