An attack above 50% positivity. From here we start again to face the Emma Villas Aubay Siena, a tricky match that is giving away important points for access to the quarter-finals of the Del Monte Coppa Italia.

But if we want the most significant data it concerns the blocks given that 13 times WithU Verona has gone to the point with this fundamental, preventing the opponents from passing. There has been some progress in reception in the last few outings, but it is clearly the side under which Stoytchev’s team is working to offer the continuity that Credem Banca SuperLega requires this season.

Looking at the individual performances, Leandro Mosca stood out, author of a technically impeccable race. In the four sets played, the Verona centre-back scored 12 points, half of which were against blocks (3 consecutive in the second set). Furthermore, in attack from six available balls he grounded five. The three band tenors also exceeded the double-digit threshold. Sapozhkov finished with 14 points, including 1 ace and 2 blocks. The same booty also for Keita, who however finished the match with a higher point-attack percentage (67%). Mozic, on the other hand, printed the ball on the Modena field 13 times. In the control room, then, still good distribution by Spirito, who also offered his contribution in attack with 3 points (2 blocks).