Big works at PalaEstra

Work is underway at the PalaEstra for the installation of LED lights and for the dismantling of the large central scoreboard. The vice president of Emma Villas Aubay Siena, Fabio Mechini, talks about it: “Finally the works have begun, they had already been foreseen for some months – his declarations. – For the next home game against Monza we will have all the lighting with LEDs and it will be a first improvement step for the arena. The work of dismantling the central scoreboard has also started. All this gives us something more. The lighting, for example, is now new, modern, adequate and there will also be energy savings. These are important interventions and at the same time we are well aware that the most important work to be carried out would be that relating to the heating system. This is a 1970s system, in many ways it has remained the same since then. What we want to clarify is that we as Emma Villas Aubay Siena are here as tenants, the heating system is always on and therefore this is not the problem. Last Sunday, for example, the system was turned on at 7 in the morning and remained on all day. So the problem is related to the plant, so we can’t point the finger at whoever manages the building”.