Matteo Zamagni in Castellana

The experience, numbers and talent of Matteo Zamagni as middle blocker of the New Mater Volley Castellana Grotte which will be, for the 2022/2023 sports season and for the next national championship series A2 Credem Banca of men’s volleyball.

After Luca Presta’s confirmation, the 1989 ex Reggio Emilia class arrives to complete the pair of power plants available to coach Jorge Cannestracci. President Nino Carpinelli and sporting director Bruno De Mori announced the signing of Zamagni.

Born in Bellaria Igea Marina, on 4 August 1989 (in a few days he will be 33 years old), 195 centimeters in height and over 330 races played in his career, Zamagni is among the most experienced power plants in the category: 11 are, in fact, the seasons in Serie A2 (with only the parenthesis in B1 in 2015/2016), 3 promotions from Serie A2 to the top league (the last one in the last tournament with Reggio Emilia), over 2200 points grounded in career. Numbers in hand, among the central players: none like him with 338 points, 37 appearances and 147 sets played last year, none like him with 2233 points, 330 games and 1096 sets played from 2010 (the year of his debut with Ravenna) to today .