Med Store Tunit won Memorial Furiassi Valenti

Med Store Tunit – Volley Potentino 2-1. In the first meeting, the red and white imposed themselves on Volley Potentino in three sets, taking the field with many young people who did well. The Med Store Tunit started well, accumulating a decent advantage at the start of the race, thus resisting the return of the opponents who were forced to give up 25-20. The second set was more tense, where Macerata had to chase and only in the final did she manage to get close to Volley Potentino, which this time, however, had the better, 22-25. Med Store Tunit took the game in the third set, again in control of the game before a hard-fought final, 25-23.

Med Store Tunit Macerata: De Col 5, Owusu 3, Margutti 12, Paolucci 12, Gonzi 3, Pizzichini, Ravellino, Bacco 14. All. Gulinelli

Volley Potentino – Abba Pineto 0-3. The Abruzzo team takes the victory by imposing itself on the opponents. Three sets in control for Pineto, who after a good start in Volley Potentino take the first set, 25-19, and give their opponents a chance in the second 25-18. In the last Pineto leads the match from start to finish with a large advantage and closes 25-14.

Med Store Tunit – Abba Pineto 3-0. Clear victory for the red and white in the third challenge thanks to a convincing performance and a tight and spectacular finish. The match started fought, with the teams fighting for the advantage, Macerata won and in the final stretched 25-19. Second set in greater control for Med Store Tunit, imposes its own game and keeps opponents at a distance, 25-18. Last positive set for Pineto who goes on and stretches, but the red and white do not give up and take the game thanks to a great comeback completed with the advantages, 27-25.

Med Store Tunit Macerata: Morelli 10, Zappoli 17, Margutti 1, Kindgard 1, Wawrzynczyk 8, Sanfilippo 12, Gonzi, Pizzichini 7, Gabbanelli. Herds Gulinelli

The award ceremony of the Med Store Tunit Macerata, winner of the Memorial, then closed the triangular dedicated to Giuseppe Furiassi and Claudio Valenti. The next appointment is with the last friendly away match against Ortona, which will anticipate the start of the championship set for Sunday 9 October.