Rondoni ready for Serie A3 season

Raised on bread and volleyball, Andrea Rondoni has come a long way since he was a child. Today ‘Rondo’ is the new free of Sabaudia Volleyball, ready to make his contribution in the next A3 series championship, a tournament that for Andrea will have to be that of the definitive consecration for him who grew up in the youth teams of Velletri Volleyball, before the great jump in the youth teams of Club Italia in A2 for two years, then an important path in Superlega with Top Volley where he gained a great experience in the most beautiful championship in the world.

“I’m very excited and the season can now be considered officially started with physical preparation even if, as I always do, I kept fit both by playing beach volleyball and by going to the weight room and I can’t wait to start with group training – explains Andrea – I get closer to home after the season spent in Friuli Venezia Giulia and this loads me up a lot, I am pleased to enhance the territory where I was born and raised, both physically and volleyball ».
In Pordenone Andrea Rondoni won both the Italian Cup in Serie A3 and the championship, hitting the success in the final of the play-offs prelude to the great leap in Serie A2, all with Dante Boninfante on the bench.

“The A3 series is a very difficult and competitive championship and in my case the personal goal certainly coincides with that of the team because I want to work hard and at the same time create a good group making sure that the public can get passionate about that. that we do by making the sports hall more and more full of fans who cheer for us, this is one of our tasks – the free of the Pontine formation continues – Hitting a qualification for the play-offs at the end of the season would certainly be an important goal to to hit: this club comes from last season when this target was hit at the last breath, it was a thrilling championship final and for this reason it can be a base from which to start again with momentum ».