Vitelli: “can’t wait to start”

Marco Vitelli has very clear ideas about his present to live with the colors of Allianz Powervolley Milano for the next two seasons. After the last two championships spent with Kioene Padova, now a new chapter in the top flight is opening for the Abruzzo center in the shadow of the Madonnina. Currently engaged with De Giorgi’s national team, we reached Vitelli before his arrival in Rome for the collegiate for the VNL.

Marco Vitelli, new acquisition at the center for Allianz Powervolley Milan, first of all I ask you what are your emotions in view of this new adventure?

I am very excited, I can’t wait to start this adventure with Milan. Milan is doing some good championships and I hope that next year we can repeat it with me, and maybe even take a few steps forward and aim for a few more positions in the championship.

Is there anything in particular that convinced you most of all to join Powervolley?

In recent years Powervolley has always taken a small step forward, you can see that behind the team there is a company present and a good coach, there is a good project, so what made me want to come and play Milan is the one that year after year always takes a small step forward, and it is certainly personally motivating. The ambitions of the company give me a lot of confidence, position and responsibility; It will certainly not be an easy task, but the team is there as well as all the raw materials.

What kind of player do you consider yourself? What are your goals as an individual player and what are your goals at a team level?

I definitely consider myself a team man, I always get along with everyone, on an individual level I don’t know if I consider myself a central attack and wall, what is certain is that I give my best in everything, but certainly the my best fundamental is the service, on which I work a lot.

What are the characteristics of Milan that you liked as an “opponent” and that you want to find again next season?

Milan is a well-organized wall-defense team and they do very well on the pitch, it’s always difficult to play against a team like this, also because they don’t throw away anything on offense and make very few mistakes. I hope that next year with my arrival it will improve even more.

Currently busy with the national team, but next season you will play in the most beautiful stadium in Italy and in one of the most important cities in our country, do you want to say something to your new fans?

I can’t wait to get to Milan, I played at Allianz Cloud and it’s really beautiful. We will see each other soon!