Second test, yesterday afternoon for Avimecc Volley Modica which at the “PalaCatania” tested the progress made during the preparation in joint training with Farmitalia which will be at the starting line in the Super League next championship.

The coaches of the teams that competed in the A3 series championship until last season drew good ideas from the comparison, which served to oil the schemes to be implemented in the next season now upon us.

A four-set match that saw the Etna team prevail, but it is clear that last night’s result was the last thing that mattered for the two coaches.

“We knew we were facing an absolutely top-level team that will play in the Super League – coach Enzo Distefano declared in the post match – I had immediately asked the boys to approach and respect our qualities and to put into play everything we have done during these weeks of preparation and I must say that they did it to perfection. Catania has some important names and we have seen that it is constantly growing, but we have taken everything we needed from this joint training, that is, important ideas for me to work in the gym, ideas for the boys that take away from the ” PalaCatania” a great self-esteem. Our journey will be long – he continues – in the meantime we complete the prep

aration and then we will think about the championship which this year promises to be quite complicated with renowned teams such as Macerata, Fano and San Giustino who have been included in our group and will be very competitive, without forgetting Palmi, Sorrento and Bari who were already in the Blue group and which were built for a top championship. We aim to have the best championship possible and above all improve on last season’s. We have maintained the hard core of last year and made some important additions. I am someone who focuses above all on the group that immediately becomes a team. The guys in the gym work hard and follow me so I think I’m on the right path. I invite our fans – concludes coach Distefano – to follow us in our home games and make us feel their warmth because I believe that with their help we can get some great satisfaction”.