Being able to play for your city is a privilege of a few. Being able to do it in Serie A then definitely narrows the circle. However, not tight enough to be able to exclude Alberto Nardo, the spiker born in Motta di Livenza on August 20, 2003 returns to wear the first team shirt and becomes a spiker on Milo Zanardo’s roster.
“I’m very happy with the opportunity I’ve been given. For me, being in the first team means responsibility and commitment to the team and the club.”

It’s a return for you too, you were part of that fantastic team capable of promotion. What memories do you have?

“It was a beautiful season with the final triumph, the memories can only be beautiful, in a year in which I grew up both from a human and sporting point of view, thanks to the team, coach and staff”.

You will find many of your old teammates, what will it be like to play together again and how have you changed in these two seasons?

“Finding those team-mates will certainly be exciting in the locker room and challenging on the pitch. Today there is more awareness in me, I will be available to the team and the coach, always working to improve myself. The trust that has been placed in me is great and I will work to repay it”.

What season are you expecting?

“The team that is being born has all the prerequisites for working well, Motta volleyball will have the opportunity to aim high by entertaining its fans”.