WiMORE Salsomaggiore, which will participate in the Serie A3 Credem Banca national championship next season, is pleased to announce the confirmation of the opposite Matteo Beltrami, who will continue to defend the colors of the Gialloblù team for which he already played last year. Born on 29 December 1997 in Parma, Beltrami took his first steps in the Energy youth sector until he reached Serie C, under the guidance of his future coach Alberto Raho, before taking flight towards A2 between Club Italia, Taviano and Piacenza, where in 2018/19 the “double” promotion to SuperLega and Coppa Italia fell. From there the transfer to B in Busseto then Garlasco, another leap in category this time in A3, and Viadana two seasons ago, when he crossed paths with Parma again who decided to sign him in his first experience in a league championship. Closed with a very good contribution to the cause, despite some physical problems and competition from Cuda first and then, above all, from Dimitrov, so as to convince the club to promote him as owner on a permanent basis and make him the first pivot of the renewed WiMORE Salsomaggiore. “I decided to stay because I got on very well with my teammates, staff and club, it’s a personal satisfaction to stay and play for your own territory. I thank the management who trust me, it will be a young team that can improve a lot during the year and this represents a huge incentive for me “.

What does the last season leave you with a legacy?

“First of all the special group that had formed, we had an excellent feeling and we were always able to maintain a high level in training. And then the response from the audience blew my mind. The club, in its first year in Serie A, has done very well and we hope to bring that magical atmosphere we created at PalaRaschi to Salso as well”.

How responsible is it for you to be a fixed point?

“Honestly, now I don’t feel so much pressure, I’m sure and convinced that we can all improve, myself included. You have to train hard during the week, only by doing so can you present yourself to the match calmly and aware of your skills”.

How does it feel to find coach Raho on the bench?

“It’s been seven years since the last time, it’s a wonderful feeling. Already last year I felt at home, now even more because I will work with my youth coach. We’ve always had an excellent relationship, we’ve already talked as soon as we learned of his appointment and I hope I can give him a big hand on and off the court.”