The 2022/23 season of Cucine Lube Civitanova was characterized by visible progress also thanks to the numbers, especially in the Play Offs. This is confirmed by the scoutman Alessandro Zarroli, added value in the staff of the Italian vice champions, who wanted to draw up a budget dealing with the individual fundamentals. The analysis starts from the key phase of the Credem Banca SuperLega, that of the play-offs for the tricolor that saw Lube fight up to the decisive challenge of the titled series on the Itas Trentino field.

“I found a good ratio when serving – Zarroli reveals – between errors, equal to 18%, direct points, equal to 7% and opponent receptions, around 4%. Our most prolific hitter in the playoffs was Yant, with 27 aces, followed by Nikolov with 26 and Zaytsev with 13”. If the reception has fluctuated for most of the championship, it is also true that in the second phase some choices by Chicco Blengini have given new life to the defensive fundamentals. “Always in the Play Offs – underlines the scoutman -, the reception numbers testify to the valid performances of Balaso and Zaytsev around 40% efficiency. In attack, however, Lube reached high numbers in substitution situations with an efficiency of 55%. Chinenyeze’s change of pace led him to attack with an average of 65% positivity, but the contribution of Nikolov at 45%, Zaytsev at 49% and Yant at 50% was also important. With the ball detached, the team struggled much more, lowering efficiency to 15%. The overall winning blocks of the final phase by the red and white were 91, with Anzani who made 21, ahead of Yant with 20 and Chinenyeze with 19”.

Here are some key statistics including Regular Season, Champions League, Super Cup and Coppa Italia matches:

Ace: 182. Tops: Bottolo (40), Nikolov (39), Garcia Fernandez (31), Zaytsev (28).

Reception: 32% team efficiency. The top performers: Balaso (37%), Yant (33%), D’Amico (44%).

Attack: 35% team positivity, with less incisive numbers for individuals than the Play Offs.

Attack after reception: 39% efficiency. After good reception it rises to 52%. The tops: Chinenyeze (62%), Yant (59%), Nikolov (54%).

Winning blocks: 253. The tops: Anzani (41), Chinenyeze (40), Yant (35).