The collaboration between Allianz Milano and Diavoli Rosa continues unabated, strengthening and expanding, which since the 2020/2021 season has given life to one of the most successful men’s volleyball sports partnerships of all time.

The numbers obtained by the Diavoli Powervolley teams in the three-year collaboration on the Brugherio-Segrate Milan axis are important, to make your head spin. The Italian Under 17 title, won third in a row last Sunday, is just the tip of the iceberg, the last page of a story that talks about

14 provincial titles (16 podiums), 10 regional titles (13 podiums) and 5 championships (3 consecutive under 17s), 8 national podiums overall, with 2 silvers, 1 bronze and various placements in the top 8 in Italy.

Dozens of athletes have been called up for the national youth teams, among which: Matteo Meschiari and Mirco Compagnoni, U22 European Champions, Daniele Carpita, Tommaso Barotto, Pardo Mati and Giacomo Selleri, U18 European Champions, called up again to coach Zanin’s court for the championships U19 World Cup next August. And again Marco Donnarumma and coach Moreno Traviglia (3 times Italian champion) in the national team as scoutman and deputy of coach Zanin up to Nicolò Garello fresh from call-up with Monica Cresta’s U17 national team.

Over 40 athletes from the Diavoli Powervolley youth sectors are also part of the current Superlega, Serie A2 and Serie A3 Credem Banca rosters. In the 2022/23 season, the A3 series of the Diavoli Rosa was made up almost exclusively of athletes from their own youth sector (90% of the team). The youngest squad in all Serie A.

“Obviously we are not resting on our laurels, so we decided not only to continue, but to relaunch the project with a fundamental plus for Milan – comments the sporting director of Allianz Milano, Fabio Lini – The Diavoli Powervolley collaboration will see an important novelty that directly concerns the metropolis, through the Powervolley Academy. Here, directly in the Lido structure, we will start from September with the school project, starter courses, mini-volleyball and local youth teams with coaches and managers who come directly from the Diavoli Powervolley supply chain. We hear and believe, from requests for daily information, that the square of Milan is ripe for a youth volleyball project to be placed side by side with the historic and fundamental poles of Brugherio and Segrate, in an ideal triangle north of the Metropolis”.