A really very important February opens today for Sir Safety Susa Perugia.
The team, after two days of rest following the winning away match in Milan, resumed activity yesterday at the PalaBarton under the orders of coach Anastasi and his staff and today opens a month that will have a significant specific weight for the rest of the season. Primarily because at the end of February, to be precise on the weekend of the 25th and 26th in Rome, there will be the Final Four of the Italian Cup, the third seasonal trophy up for grabs and certainly an important objective for the club and the team. Secondly because from March, with the return of the Champions League and with the start of the Scudetto playoffs, the calendar will resume that infernal rhythm made up of continuous midweek rounds and therefore it is clear that getting there in shape from a point of view not only from a technical point of view, but physical is also crucial.
Piacenza on Saturday 4 February, Trento on Sunday 12, Cisterna on Sunday 19, the Italian Cup the following week. These are the February stops in Perugia.
The Juventus athletic trainer Sebastiano Chittolini talks about the physical aspect, which also always goes hand in hand with technical performance.
“We already started a couple of weeks ago and this month we will continue a sort of micro work cycle. I speak of micro cycle because during the season it is not possible to do a real preparation job, but rather to manage the condition. But certainly a month without commitments and trips during the week allows us to plan targeted and specific also from a physical point of view. We actually already started in January with some very far-sighted, in my opinion, differentiated programs, such as Max and Roby (Colaci and Russo, ed) who did not participate in the away match in Ljubljana in the Champions League to stay in Perugia to work. We now have a few “long” weeks ahead of us in which we will develop general work with increased loads and heavier from a metabolic point of view in the first physical session of the week and then make the second more dynamic.