Arianna Burzoni, owner of BFT Burzoni SRL, has joined the Board of Directors of YOU ENERGY VOLLEY S.S.D.R.L. The official presentation today in the PalabancaSport Press Room.

The President of the Board of Directors is Elisabetta Curti, who also holds the position of President of Gas Sales Bluenergy Volley Piacenza; Vice President is Giuseppe Bongiorni General Director of the CGI Holding Srl Group, owned by the Curti family; The CEO is Isabella Cocciolo, advisors Luca Tosini, Vincenzo Cerciello and Arianna Burzoni.

At the all-female table of speakers present were Arianna Burzoni, owner of BFT Burzoni SRL, Elisabetta Curti President of Gas Sales Bluenergy Volley Piacenza, Susanna Curti President of the CGI Group and Isabella Cocciolo CEO of Gas Sales Bluenergy Volley Piacenza.

Elisabetta Curti: “I am particularly happy that Arianna Burzoni, who has always been close to us since we began our adventure in the world of volleyball, has accepted our invitation and has joined the company’s Board of Directors. We increasingly want to adapt the structure of our sports club, we are constantly growing, we are supported by important sponsors and among these is BFT Burzoni. Arianna will bring new ideas, the goal is to continue to grow. I want to thank Edoardo Pagani of Pagani Geotechnical Equipment, our Gold Sponsor, who for reasons related to his many work commitments resigned from the Board of Directors. He brought many ideas this year and was of great help to us.”