The Sir Susa Vim Perugia landed this morning in India, in the middle of the Italian night.
The Block Devils, after a long journey with an overnight stopover in Dubai, have reached Bangalore where the 2023 Club World Cup will be staged from 6 to 10 December.
President Sirci’s boys therefore made their first acquaintance with the Indian climate and environment. After accommodation in the hotel and a quick lunch, the players were able to rest a bit and then carry out the first technical training, a very useful training especially for dissolving the toxins of the trip and to begin to plan the work in view of the debut of Perugia in the competition which will be on Thursday 7 December at 8.30pm local time (4.00pm Italian time) against the Brazilians of Itambè Minas, who also arrived in Bangalore this morning.
Both tomorrow and Wednesday, Sir Susa Vim has scheduled two work sessions, technique on the playing field and physics in the weight room under the orders of athletic trainer Sebastian Carotti.
“We arrived here in Bangalore after a long and tiring journey – says Simone Giannelli – but we are obviously happy to be here and to play at our best in a difficult competition, which fits in with the commitments of the Italian Super League, but very beautiful and important. We will face high-level opponents as it should be in a Club World Cup, our goal is to show our best volleyball.”
At the end of the afternoon training also the words of coach Angelo Lorenzetti:
“We have had a substantial trip, but now we have two days to recover energy, to settle in and to enter this world championship well, an event that we care about and that we must face immediately with great aggression and clarity. There are many very dangerous opponents. Furthermore, the characteristic of the World Cup is that of playing against teams that compete in other championships. We have the experience and characteristics of the Super League, but volleyball is played well in many championships and it is a slightly different volleyball. This aspect is something that we will have to understand on the pitch to make our volleyball work as best as possible.”