For 18 years at the helm of Olimpia Volleyball then declined in Agnelli Tipiesse, from four vice president of the League in A2 quota. Angelo Agnelli is used to putting his face on it. For honesty towards those who have always supported the project, for the transparency that distinguishes the relationship with sponsors and fans and for the love not only for the city, but also for sport. So here are a series of concepts to strengthen with respect to the interview published in these hours on the website.

President, let’s clarify things a bit. The fate of Bergamo?
“After seven years of A2 in which, with the exception of the play-offs, the available trophies were won twice each (Coppa Italia and Supercoppa) and a final was played against a great Piacenza, it is difficult to think of changing objectives due to of force majeure. Bergamo, as its history teaches, operates in every season to be the protagonist. If this risks failing, it is legitimate to make other assessments ”.

Also strong in being proudly a virtuous club…
“This is the real flagship. Without debts and with accounts always in order. The company is healthy and does not need to make hasty decisions.”

Is the reference to the alleged transfer of title?
“At the moment, although numerous requests have arrived, nothing has been defined, let alone put in black and white. There were proposals and they were also quite well argued. But nothing more. In this case, however, we will take all the time necessary “.

So is the window still open?
“We are waiting to understand the choices of the Municipality of Bergamo regarding the plant issue. We, as we have always remarked in various circumstances, are always very open to dialogue and to finding a solution for the good of the club, sport and the city. When the horizon is less nebulous we will act accordingly. Certainly grinding kilometers in search of a sports hall is not our intention, especially for budgetary reasons. At the moment, therefore, we remain at the window to understand which road an Administration will take that has undertaken to provide guarantees, unfortunately, however, only starting from 2024 “.

But in the event of a company in the playoffs?
“We strongly believe in the coaching staff and in the boys. The results in the last period are the confirmation of their value as well as the qualities of coach Morato and his deputy Redaelli. You work without pressure and absolutely free from any goal obligation. We will give our best to get as far ahead as possible.