Five teams enclosed in two points. And only three of them will make the playoffs: in this mad rush to the postseason finish line, everything is still wide open. Even if Da Rold Logistics Belluno starts from the rear: from ninth position, while to access the noblest draw it is necessary to arrive at least seventh. Which is why it is mandatory to beat the Med Store Tunit Macerata, in the race on Sunday 2 April (6pm, at the Spes Arena). And to hope that favorable results will mature in other fields.

After the knockout with the leaders, the DRL slipped by two positions in the standings: «The value of Fano cannot be discussed – is Alessandro Graziani’s comment -. And even less that of their opposite, Marks: a superior category athlete. But we had good sensations: the climate was serene, we felt concentrated and relaxed. Instead we disappeared in the second set and, in general, we made a lot of mistakes. If we had played a clean game, as we know how to do, we would have brought home at least one partial».

However, there is one last card still to be played. And always against a sextet from the Marches: «Macerata has nothing to lose – the spiker resumes -. Not being able to go down or up from third place, in last Sunday’s match against Bologna (0-3) he will have kept some energy for the playoffs. I understand that, because at the end of the season, tiredness makes itself felt. But if on the one hand the Med Store Tunit could arrive in Belluno a little more relaxed than usual, on the other it is our duty to show off an excellent performance».

Even in the event of a round success, however, we will have to wait for the outcome of the matches that will involve Bologna and Parma, as well as the direct clash Garlasco-San Giustino: «This is an aspect that, as a sportsman, weighs heavily on me – admits the number 10 -. Because I would like to always be able to count on my strengths and those of the team. And then it’s the same feeling we had last year, despite the fact that salvation was up for grabs at the time.”